Plaid Tunic and White Jeans with Humble Chic NY

October 20, 2016

One of my very favorite fall traditions is PLAID! I just can’t get enough and I love it in ALL of it’s forms and colors. I was so excited to receive this Plaid Tunic in from Humble Chic NY and even more excited when I put it on. This is such an easy go-to look for fall and winter, especially in the warmer climates where coats aren’t always necessary. Check out how I style my plaid tunic and white jeans!

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Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

October 17, 2016

Happy October Everyone! Keith and I went to our first small group bible study last night and we talked all about money and how to handle it the way God intended. One of the guys in the group suggested that he and his wife should have an entire “October” column on their budget sheet so they could save up all year for all things fall! I think that is probably the best idea I’ve ever heard. Between HolidaysΒ and all things pumpkin spice, things start to get EXPENSIVE this time of year.

Halloween costumes are no exception, especially if you head out to a costume store and purchase something off the rack. Don’t feel like you always have to do that. I, in fact, have never worn an off the rack costume. When I was younger, my mom was an elaborate homemade costume designer. But even if you aren’t an expert seamstress, there are ways that you can use what is already in your closet to put together a AWESOME costume. Today, I wanted to share my Halloween costume idea: a fashion inspired Wednesday Addams!

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Fall Florals with Pineapple Lace

October 15, 2016

Hi Friends! So if you’ve been following me on Instagram or watched my stories there, you’ll know I’ve been in Houston for the last few days. Β One of my besties, Ashton, and I wentΒ for a makeup class with The Perfect Face Cosmetics Owner and Artist, Danielle Doyle. I was really just Ashton’s model for the week but I learned so much about my face how to correctly apply makeup for fresh, clean looks. I’m hoping to share what I learned sometime in the future. For now, we HAVE to talk about this look below filled with beautiful fall florals with Pineapple Lace Boutique.

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Fall Shopping List

October 11, 2016

Hey guys! So if you follow me on Insta (if you don’t, you should @kassyondesign) then you know that I’m in Houston for a makeup class with one of my besties. She’s a super talented make up artist and WATCH OUT… she’s about to be even better. I’m here as her model (so basically I get to have my makeup done all day… #thelife) and hopefully, I’ll be posting some amazing pics! On to the fall shopping list…

Yesterday was her first day of class and since the models weren’t needed for that day, I spent the day wandering around the city and I had a BLAST. I spent most of my time browsing the Galleria and I was overwhelmed at the inspiration I was getting from some of the world’s top brands and retailers. So, I’ve decided to put together a list of some of my favorite items that I saw yesterday. This post is super easy to shop, just click on the image of the product to see where it’s from!

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