Little Bell Sleeve Sweater

January 26, 2017

Is anyone else already feeling spring? It’s not even February and I’m ready to pull out my shorts. I guess I can’t help it when it’s been in the 70s every day down here in MS. Days in sweaters are numbered around here so I guess I’ll have to make the most of it! Before we fold up out sweaters and put them away for the season, you’re going to want to take a look at this super affordable Make Me Chic Sweater with the cutest little bell sleeve.


I promise you guys we shot this look recently and not in the middle of Fall. Doesn’t it look like it though! We’re finally seeing fall leaves on the ground. Doesn’t that mean Winter is still coming?

I’m a sucker for Over-The-Knee boots and sweaters. It just feels soooo right. These OTK boots are only $50 and totally worth the buy. You’ll be wearing these for several more seasons. I don’t see the OTK trend going anywhere anytime soon.

I know I wear this bag a TON! For those of you not well versed in designer handbags, this a dupe of the VERY expensive (like almost $2000) Chloe Faye bag. My exact dupe has been sold out for a while but guess what? I found another one thats only $135!!!!!!! So if you’ve been eyeing this one head HERE to get yours. It’s available in 4 colors. I’m really eyeing this Violet.

I’m LOVING this sweater. It’s got the tiniest little bell sleeve going on. It’s the perfect amount of pizz-azz!!! The burgundy color is fantastic as well. The best part has got to be the price, though. At only $30 its easily a must have for your closet!


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