It’s What You Can’t See…

February 19, 2018

Women Rule… No Truer Words, Friends! I mean, I love my husband and think he’s literally the BEST PERSON in the whole wide world, but now that I’m carrying around another little lady in my belly, I feel the urge to really play it up, you know. I blame it on the extra estrogen coursing through my system. We’re 24 weeks today which means my belly is finally starting to pop and I plan on really showing it off. That’s why I fell in LOVE with this outfit. But the best and most important part of this outfit is hidden underneath. It’s what you can’t see that really counts. Keep reading to find out what I mean.

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How I Knew the Uppababy Vista Was Right For Us

February 8, 2018

I posted a photo a week or so ago on my Instagram highlighting my newest baby gadget, the Uppababy Vista Stroller. I had a ton of you guys asking questions and wanting to know why I decided to go with this travel system over all of the others, so I thought I’d put together a little blog post explaining how I knew the Uppababy Vista was 100% right for our family. And while all of my product reviews are totally honest, I want to mention that this particular post is in NO way affiliated with Uppababy. I saved up and paid for this thing with my own money. I’m just real-life obsessed. And it’s so dang pretty.

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22 Weeks and Too Many Weddings

February 5, 2018

I’m at that super frustrating stage in pregnancy where my bump isn’t quite big enough for people off the street to realize that I’m pregnant. But NONE of my clothes fit! I went shopping for the first time since gaining a little baby weight and basically had a melt down in the dressing room. I had to call my mom and let her talk me down. She told me to quit being an idiot and go to the maternity section of the store. I was freaking out about having to size up SEVERAL sizes in regular clothes and she reminded me that my body just isn’t shaped the same anymore. It doesn’t mean that I’m getting too big, just that all of my weight has shifted to new and unexpected places.

So shopping in non-maternity is pretty much over for now unless it’s super oversized. This is really hard considering I’ve got several weddings this month and the only things that fit me are sweatpants. So from this point forward, I’ve pretty much decided to only shop at places like Pink Blush where they’re making clothes that are supposed to fit my ever changing shape. Say hello to my new favorite wedding guest dress. Comfy, pretty, and super flattering.

Also, keep reading for a little 22 week bump update.

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The Kassy On Design Reading List

January 31, 2018

It’s been a while guys. I’ve taken a month long hiatus from Kassy On Design to focus on Kassy’s real life and regroup for a great 2018. Along with lots of pregnancy/baby things, I’m also trying to branch out and post more personal things on KOD. The first thing that popped into my head (after being stuck inside twice during winter freezes this year) was to share what I’ve been doing a lot of lately; which happens to be READING! So I’m going to share my Kassy On Design Reading List with you guys!

Fun Fact about me: I’m a TOTAL NERD! I could read ALL day long, every day. My parents used to have to take books away from my sister and I because we would stay up all night and read and totally forget to sleep. Also an odd fact: I love fantasy, historical fiction, and true crime. I’m sure several of you who know me are not surprised by this at all, but some of you may be laughing because you had me pegged as a sappy, romantic, cry your eyes out, only read on the beach kind of girl. In truth, though, I’ve owned several book lights, lots of colorful book covers, and too many e-readers.

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Bump Boxes: The PERFECT gift for a Mom-To-Be

December 13, 2017

I know SO many people who are pregnant right now. It’s almost ridiculous how many of my close and distant friends are having babies. I guess I’m just getting to that age where my facebook newsfeed is all wedding and babies. I’m certainly not complaining! I’d much rather see happy things like weddings and babies any day. If I know that many people who are pregnant, than I’m sure you guys do too. And maybe one of those pregnant ladies is on your Christmas list. Well I’ve found the PERFECT solution for your maternity gifting woes: The Bump Box.

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