Celebrating Every Moment with Origami Owl

November 29, 2017

If you missed my last post, then you’re going to want to go read that one. I dropped some pretty big news… AKA we’re pregnant! I’m officially 12 weeks along this week and am so ready to be out of this first trimester. Morning sickness is real, my friends. But despite keeping the closest bathroom in view at all times, I’ve enjoyed the last few months of sharing our special news with our friends and family. We didn’t wait very long to start telling people. My mom knew within hours of us finding out and the rest of our immediate families soon after. So today, I’ve teamed up with Origami Owl to share why we started telling people so soon and how we’re celebrating every little moment of this pregnancy journey.

Also, you’ve got to see Origami Owl’s new locket design. I’m in LOVE.

When I first saw those two pink lines, I knew my world was forever changed. I immediately wanted to shout it to the rooftops! I talked a little bit about our journey in my last post (CLICK HERE TO READ) but Keith and I had been trying for over a year to get pregnant. We ran all the tests and even had an appointment with a fertility specialist. And then I found out we were pregnant! My mom is my best friend and my confidant and my emotional support throughout this journey so it only seemed right that, after Keith, she was the first one I told – only hours after I took the initial test.

I know spilling the beans so soon is a pregnancy faux pas but before we told her, I asked Keith how he wanted to handle it and I will never forget what he said. He brought up the story of Abraham and Sarah in the bible (Genesis Ch. 18) and reminded me about how Sarah laughed at God when he told her that (despite her old age) she WOULD have a child. God punished her for laughing by not allowing her to speak through her pregnancy. Now, while Keith might enjoy a little peace and quiet, he reminded me that we should celebrate the promise that God has made to us. We prayed for a pregnancy and a child and he has answered that prayer.

We’re not naive, though. God did fulfill his promise to us. We are pregnant and there is a child, but we also know that nothing is certain, The hard truth is that this pregnancy could end as quickly as it began. I’ve seen it happen too many times to too many wonderful people. I can’t even image the kind of heartbreak that you experience when you loose a child. Especially before you’ve even had a chance to hold him or her. But it is a real heartbreak and one that Keith and I knew we weren’t immune to.

So when Keith told me his thoughts on how Sarah and Abraham’s story applied to our lives today, we made a choice to thank God earnestly everyday. We thank him for allowing to love this child just one more day. We are parents already. Despite that our child is nestled comfortably inside of my womb, it is OUR child. A life that Keith and I created with the help of God. In his wisdom, he’s chosen to give us the most priceless gift that a person can receive here on earth.

Every time I’m leaning over the toilet throwing my guts up and when I’m too tired to move or too nauseous to eat, Keith laughs and says “Congratulations”, or “I’m so sorry, but I’m really not!” #sorrynotsorry. You may think that’s insensitive, but to me it’s a reminder that we’ve made it another day. When my jeans won’t button, I smile knowing that God is taking care of my growing child. When I’m craving something I don’t have in my pantry, I’m reminded that God will provide for my child and my family in whatever capacity is needed. And when my muscles are tired and sore from stretching out in ways that they never have before, I imagine that God is preparing my body to chase after an energetic toddler.

We are choosing to celebrate the little things like the morning sickness, the maternity clothes, the fact that I can fall asleep standing up, and that I want to eat Taco Bell burritos several times a day. We know that it could all end at any moment. Just because I’ve reach the 12 week mark, doesn’t mean that all is 100% guaranteed to be okay. And if something does happen, we know that it will become part of our story as a family, as a couple, and as Christians. We’re thanking Him for every single day that we have with our little nugget and all the days that are yet to come.

This is why I was SOOOO excited to get my own Origami Owl Living Locket. I remember when my mom got hers with all of our birthstones and charms that meant so much to her. So, I am excited to get to start building my own. I was also super stoked to see their limited edition Gold Bar Locket that fits my style PERFECTLY!

I chose a ‘Mom’ charm, a pair of baby feet, and a June birthstone (for my due date in mid June), and a handful of gorgeous Swarovski crystals. I LOVE my locket and I love how Origami Owl allows you to continually build your locket based on big life events, children, and just plain fun. They have these new lockets that attach to your phone case which I think are too cute!

An Origami Owl locket would be the perfect gift for the lady in your life, especially if she’s a mom-to-be. I love showing off my locket and I LOVE how it reminds me to celebrate the little things everyday.

How are you celebrating the little moments in your life?






  • Reply Shawn Graphia November 30, 2017 at 1:32 pm

    Great read Kassy, it brought tears to my eyes.
    I know both the joy of being a mother and the sorrow of not holding that sweet baby in your arms.

    • Reply Kassy S. Randazzo November 30, 2017 at 1:51 pm

      I so admire you’re strength, Shawn!

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