Chunky Knit Sweater

January 12, 2017

Hi Folks! Is this week dragging by for anyone else? Not sure why, but I feel like it should be Saturday already. I AM super excited for the weekend because that means Monday is closer. And Monday, I’m excited to share a new collaboration with you guys. I’ll give you a hint. It has to do with food and health! I cannot wait. But first, let’s chat more about this awesome oversized chunky knit sweater from Dezzal. I love the ‘I borrowed this sweater from my husband’ look, so this sweater was right up my alley!


I’m loving the color of this sweater. It isn’t typically something that I would grab off of the shelf, but I decided to take a chance and it paid off! And this knit is SOOO soft. It looks like it wouldn’t be, I know, but it is. Also, it’s already back up to like 70 degrees here, but if it wasn’t, this sweater would totally be warm enough to handle the freezing weather. I know I’ve talked with you guys about how much I LOVE to layer and stripes are probably my most worn layer item in my closet. Something about pair a solid with a stripe just makes you look put together.

With super chunky sweater’s like this one, it’s super easy to look ‘hefty’ as I call it in my house. It’s that look when your shoulders look twice as wide as the are and it make your body look like a triangle. In these cases, layering your look REALLY helps. It gives the eye something else to focus on besides the huge amounts of knit on your body! Plus, if you have something hanging longer than your sweater, it helps to elongate your body. No one wants to be chopped off at their widest point (like my hips) because then attention is drawn to that part of the body.

Also, these boots are new! I’ve been looking for a new pair of taupe booties for a while now. My old ones have just about had it (the heel plate falls off sometimes)! Finding ones that I loved as much as I loved my old ones, though, has been a struggle. After months of searching, I think I’ve found them. I am loving the fit, height, and color of these Steve Madden beauties! Plus, their on sale now for under $65!


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Dezzal Tan Sweater

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