Exploring Jackson’s Fondren District with Greats

September 21, 2017

We’ve been living in MS for a little over a year now and have been having so much fun exploring the Jackson area. One of the first spots I discovered (and fell in love with) was the Fondren District. This charming area of Jackson, MS is hip and totally stuck in the 1960s in the BEST way ever! The more that I learn about the area, the more I like it. Parts of The Help were filmed in the area and when they were filming, they refurbished the whole area! So, since I consider myself a local now, I thought I’d share some of my favorite spots in Fondren in case you guys ever find yourself in my neck of the woods. Let’s go exploring Jackson’s Fondren District together.

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Photography by Kylie Stinson


Shop The Look:

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Places to Eat

Pig & Pint. 

Probably my FAVORITE place in Fondren is this little gem. It’s in an old gas station and the decor is PERFECT. Think – BBQ with style. They have brisket nachos that will knock your socks off and pulled pork disco fries (loaded fries… omg) that will change your life. To be honest, that’s the only thing I’ve really ever eaten from there because it’s so good, I can’t stop! For those of you who like craft beer, they also have a great selection of local craft beer! The perfect spot for a hangout!



If you like fresh mex, then this is your spot. Babalu is a small chain with location in other college towns in the south. The menu is Tapas (small plates to share) and Tacos. I’m obsessed with the De Patos (duck) tacos and the BaBa Burger. Both are AMAZING. The shrimp and chicken tacos are also wonderful. Now, you know your girl loves herself a Margarita. They have several awesome options. The Champ-a-rita, the Baba-rita, and the Moja-rita are some of my faves. Their house margarita (the Baba-rita) is probably my favorite! The food is all so fresh and light. Make sure you get the table side Guac. Add the bacon and Jalepenos and you can thank me later!



I’ve never actually been here but I’ve heard AMAZING things about this steakhouse. It’s in a small house in Fondren that looks like of like a 1950 drive in but apparently its pretty SWANK. Like anniversary dinner swanky. My uncle (who I consider a foodie) says they have some of the best steak he’s ever had. I’m looking forward to trying this one out soon!


Sal & Mookies. 

OBSESSED with this pizza joint! Yummy, homemade, red check table clothes, and an ice cream bar! Does it get better than this? Pizza is my drug and Sal & Mookies is my dealer. I love Pepperoni and Jalepeno Pizza and their’s is HOTTTTT! and also spicy! See what I did there?


Places to Snack


Brent’s Drugs. 

Speaking of drugs… JK! This spot is probably the most iconic in the Fondren area. It’s the spot you see in the photos above with the turqoise booths. Brent’s is seriously like an old school drug store with all the original stuff. You’ll feel like you’re walking into with 1960s. They have regular diner style food but AMAZING ice cream and dessert options. Nothings better than a soda pop and an ice cold milkshake, am I right? Plus, the Help filmed a very iconic scene in this diner. Here’s a photo of Emma Stone drinking a yummy Brent’s Milkshake at the bar!


Campbell’s Bakery.

Cakes, cookies, bread. Need I say more? Campbells is in the cutest little strip that they used to film in The Help as well. Here’s a photo of the area and all of it’s movie magic!


La Brioche.

La Brioche is another bakery in Fondren. It’s newer and doesn’t necessarily have that 1960s vintage charm but it has PLENTY of charm, trust me. La Brioche Coffee and Macaroons are a must if you’re in the area. It’s also located in the Fondren Corner building which has some other great little shops to check out as well!


Places to Drink


Fondren Public. 

Fondren Public is a super hip spot where all of the cool kids go to grab a drink after work or on weekends. It has a great outdoor are where you can play bocce ball and corn hole. I love a good fruity beverage and so my choice is the FP Punch. My friend, Hannah, swears by the Mississippi Mule. And the boys enjoy the MANY craft beer’s on tap!


Hops & Habanas.

Hops & Habanas has EVERY craft beer and beer related things that you could EVER need. It also has a humidor with HUNDREDS of types of cigars. I love the smell of the flavored tobacco. My favorite part is to smell the different flavors. It’s a cool spot for those of you who like cigars, pipes, or beer! We typically bring our craft brew loving friends here whenever they’re in town. You can drink your beer in the shop or buy a 6 pack to take home with you!


The Apothecary. 

COOLEST SPOT EVER! Have you ever wanted to go to a speak easy? Well, we have one in Fondren. If you venture to the back of Brent’s Drugs and a through a heavy door and then a thick velvet curtain, you’ll find the very cool, very vintage Apothecary. The lighting is low and behind the bar are rows of old apothecary drawers. They serve what they call ‘perscription cocktails’ and they taste exactly like I’ve always imagined that cocktails in the 1920s tasted like – Dry and bitter, but somehow delicious! They have dozens of types of the finest whiskey, scotch, and bourbon as well. This is a MUST see in Jackson, MS and one of my favorite spots to hang out at with friends!


There are so many other cool shops and things to do in the Fondren area that I couldn’t include them all! They have monthly street fairs and lots of fun events and concerts! It’s a happenin spot for sure! Next time you’re in the area, let me know and we can check out some of this awesome places!!! Have an awesome weekend!

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