Gingham, Gingham, Gingham

May 31, 2017

Wow. When you type that word (gingham) three times for a post title, it really starts to look wrong! It’s not a word that you typically have to spell out, but it sure it a HUGE trend this year. This look takes me wAY back to when my mom still picked out my clothes. We were super stylish kids in our gingham, ruffles, and watermelon print everything! It’s crazy how what goes around comes back around. I am SO ready for Gingham round 2 with this flirty little off the shoulder dress!

Photography by Kylie Stinson


I’m sure you can see why this is my new favorite dress. It’s super easy to wear and doesn’t require a lot of styling. It pretty much speaks for itself. I went with a simple necklace, a little sunflower broach (which I borrowed from Kylie and I LOVEEEEE) and some fun earrings. I think this look would be great with sandals to give it a more casual look as well. I’ve already worn this look twice to church because I just can’t stop wearing it!

Also, If I’ve overshared about these shoes, I apologize. Except, I’m not really sorry because these are the BEST shoes ever. They go with everything and they look so stinking cute. Plus the heel is just the right height to give me a boost and still be comfortable for long term wear. I don’t work in an office, but if I did, these would be my go-to summer shoe!

Since this particular color in this dress is no where to be found online, I’ve linked it here and here in pink! And I’ve linked some of my other favorite gingham dresses below!

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I’m headed on a little girls trip to visit Kylie (the best photog out there) in her hometown of Tyler, TX. We’re probably going to head into Dallas one day! Anyone got any ‘must-dos’ for the Dallas area? We love shopping and flowers and ice cream and stuff!


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