A Guide to Fall Lip Colors

October 4, 2016

We’ve chatted about fall a lot lately and how to WEAR what during these transition periods. But when the weathers cool down and our wardrobe color palette changes, so should our makeup. The easiest way to freshen up your makeup for fall is to concentrate on different lip colors. To help you out, I’ve asked my Makeup LOVING sister to help me create a guide to fall lip colors.

In the cooler temps, I like to stick with more muted, deep tones for lip colors. I didn’t include my favorite saturated RED in this list but that is definitely a go-toย for me! I’ve been using the same red for several years. My roommate in New York (Mary… THANK YOU for introducing me to this) used MAC’s Russian Red and I fell in LOVEEEEEEEE! It’s easily the best red I have ever used.

Ok, to the guide.



1. The Perfect Face Cosmetics – Savoir Faire

I’ve had this color for a while and it’s my go to when I want just a bit of color but an overall warm nude look. If you aren’t familiar with The Perfect Face Cosmetics, you need to be. This company is the up and coming leader in makeup. Danielle Doyle, the owner and artist, has amazing new techniques for doing Makeup. I have the privilege of going to meet her next week! Can’t wait to tell you guys all about it! Savoir Faire is an easy, every day color and it goes on perfectly creamy and has excellent coverage. Overall, it’s a perfect natural neutral. ($21) (also, Kels and I are both wearing this color above)



2. Hikari – Cabernet

The two colors in the photos above are very different, even though they look similar on Kelsey and I. The one Kelsey is wear is a beautiful deep maroon. Not quite red but definitely with red undertones and not pink. Because her skin is so fair, this deep color really pops on her lips. This is a great everyday color for those of you who are looking for something a bit bolder. ($13)


3. Sephora – Oh Oh!

This Sephora color is a pinky/brown based deep maroon. Because I have an olive skin tone, anything with a pink undertone really seems to compliment my face. This color is very similar to the one Kelsey is wearing above but this one is a bit subtler, I think. Though they are both wonderful, I tend to stick with pink undertones, while she explores reds and browns. ($12.50)

fall_lip_colors_posie_koko fall_lip_colors_posie

4. Kylie Cosmetics – Posie K Lip Kit

Both of the colors we’re wearing above are Kylie Lip Kits. For those of you who can’t decide whether or not to try these, let me help you out… They are AMAZING. They last all day and have quickly become my newest obsession in Lip Colors. The color above is her pink color. All of her shades have a brown undertone which is something I’m usually afraid of, but with this color being pink, I knew I had to try it. It is probably the color I wear most often (in almost every blog post) because the pink is just muted enough to feel super natural but still provide me with a little edge. ($29)


5. Kylie Cosmetics – Candy K Lip Kit

For those of you looking for something with a bit less color, Candy K is for you. It looks like it’s going to be super pink on the box, but like I said before, Kylie’s colors all have a brown undertone that makes them more muted. This is also an edgy everyday look. I’ve worn this one many times as well, and for someone who prefers color, I have to say, I’m LOVING this one. How stunning do Kels’ lips look right now! Also, for Kylie Lip Kits, Kelsey and I typically line our lips and fill the in with the liner before applying the liquid lipstick. But if you’re in a hurry, it works well without the liner too, I just don’t think it lasts quite as long. ($29)



6. Kylie Cosmetics – Literally Gloss

If you’re a gloss girl, you’re probably not happy with the colors above as most of them are matte. But Kylie also makes FABULOUS glosses. As a former pageant girl, the success of gloss can be measured in its thickness. Not too thick and sticky, but if it’s too thin, it’s gone in one lick of the lips. The Kylie Glosses are the PERFECT consistency. In the picture above, Kelsey is wearing this color on its own, but we’ve also paired it with our Lip Kits for STUNNING results. This color by itself is gorgeous. The gloss requires no background color. It is saturated enough to give Kelsey a fresh color without overdoing the shininess. ($15)


7. YSL – 206ย Grenat Satisfaction

When I’m looking for a dark, vampy color for fall and winter, I stick with this YSL shade. It’s just dark enough for me and still has some of that pink/purple undertone. YSL’s lip colors are unbeatable. They go on so smooth and they have several different finishes. This sheen is a smooth matte and it’s wear time is wonderful for a color so dark. YSL is pricier, but you won’t be sorry! ($37)

fall_lip_color_leo1 fall_lip_color_leo

8. Kylie Cosmetics – Leo Lip Kit

Leo is the darkest and vampiest of the colors Kelsey and I use. This is typically her go-to vamp color because of the deep brown undertones. Again, Kylie Lip Kits have AMAZING coverage and the saturation of the colors cannot be beat. One coat and you are set for the day. ($29)


What are some of you’re favorite Fall lip colors?

I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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