Styling Your Coffee Table

May 18, 2016

Hi Everyone! It has been quite a while since I’ve posted to Kassy On Design. I’m super sorry for my month long hiatus. Starting a new job, job hunting with Keith, and finishing up our production of Narnia have had me WORN OUT! But I’m back and I hope you missed me! I have lots of really great stuff coming up soon on the blog so make sure that you’ve SUBSCRIBED so that you can keep up with the latest trends in fashion and interiors and, of course, my crazy life. Now lets chat about styling your coffee table.

I’m so excited to share with you some of the things I’ve been learning hands on as a design assistant to two of the most talented ladies in the Baton Rouge interiors industry. One of my favorite things has been coffee table styling. Not only is is fun and easy, but its a small thing that will make a HUGE difference in your space. Check out some pictures of my newly style coffee table.

Coffee_Table_Style_1 Coffee_Table_Style_4 Coffee_Table_Style_3

The trick to this is scale. You have to know how much is too much and how cluttered is too cluttered. The best way to figure this out is to try, try, try!

First things first, coffee table books are a MUST! I tend to go for the fashion and interiors books but you can choose any book that suits your fancy. The trick is choosing books that work with your color scheme/style. Whites and grays are always an easy sell but if you want to incorporate color, look for a book whose spine (with a dust jacket OR without) fits your look. My living room is blues, golds, pinks, grays, and whites. So this Kate Spade “All In Good Taste” book fit perfect with my look.

“Vogue: The Covers” is another all-time favorite of mine. It has a neutral spine and a gorgeous red, white, and black cover. “Elements of Style” is perfect if you love a good stripe. This one is truly a statement book and will take your coffee table from drab to FAB!

Check out some of my other favorite coffee table books in the widget below:

Secondly, you’ll need accessories. I HATE knick knacks. So when I say accessories, I don’t mean all of the ‘cute’ little porcelain figurines that you have lying around. Think a little more purposeful. Obviously, my style is modern feminine. So I chose a gold starburst, some agate coasters, a pretty candle from Anthropology, a gold wishbone, and a clay gold-leafed heart.
Stay true to your style, but don’t be afraid to go more modern than you usually would. Accessories are a small way to really define a space. For instance, my mom’s house is very rustic. So to modernize it, we are silver and gold leafing some deer antlers! Interiors are running very quickly away from any wrot-iron and oil rubbed bronze, so think colorful, bright metals when you’re choosing accessories. (P.S. Hobby Lobby can be GREAT for accessories… It can also be HORRIBLE. Be Careful)

Check out some of my favorite Coffee Table accessories in the widget below:

Next, a tray is always a good idea. It helps to break up the space on your table. One of my go-to’s for a tray is actually a cheese board. They work exactly the same only they don’t have sides so you can put items on it and not worry that the sides of the tray are covering it up.
Check out some of my favorite trays/cheese boards below:

Lastly, You’ll need a plant or some fresh flowers. Walmart near my house usually has a dozen roses for only $9.95. I usually hit that up about every week and a half. Keeping fresh flowers on your table will really make it feel like a well decorated space.

So that’s it! Now go forth and style your coffee tables! I can’t wait to see photos of what you do with your spaces. Be sure to hashtag #Kassyondesign so that I can see your creations! Happy Styling!

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