Bump Boxes: The PERFECT gift for a Mom-To-Be

December 13, 2017

I know SO many people who are pregnant right now. It’s almost ridiculous how many of my close and distant friends are having babies. I guess I’m just getting to that age where my facebook newsfeed is all wedding and babies. I’m certainly not complaining! I’d much rather see happy things like weddings and babies any day. If I know that many people who are pregnant, than I’m sure you guys do too. And maybe one of those pregnant ladies is on your Christmas list. Well I’ve found the PERFECT solution for your maternity gifting woes: The Bump Box.

Photos by Kylie Stinson


I had WAY too much fun opening my first bump box this week. Bump Boxes are put together specifically for you based on your due date and where you are in your pregnancy. You can get one box, 3 boxes (1 per trimester) or a box a month throughout your pregnancy. they even have one for the 4th trimester after the baby is born when you really need help!!!

Mine was geared toward my first trimester and had so much fun stuff in it. I got a prenatal water (WHAT!! SO COOL), some tummy soothing ginger sparkling water mix, a bath bomb designed specifically with pregnant moms in mind, and some pregnancy approved face wash. My favorite items in the box – by far – were my ‘Fly as a Mother’ water bottle and my moozie. What is a moozie you ask? Why, duh! It’s a coozie for your pint of ice cream. Now if that isn’t something every pregnant woman needs then I don’t know what is!

I’m a huge fan of subscriptions boxes. I love trying new products and getting a little surprise every month! This is easily the most fun I’ve ever had with a subscription box because it’s something so specific to the stage of life that you’re in at that moment. It’s such a fun and thoughtful Christmas gift as well. Plus, it’s easy on the gift giver. You don’t even have to put the boxes together, just know the due date and the amazing Bump Boxes team will handle the rest for you!

Head over to Bump Boxes website to learn more about how you could spoil the pregnant momma in your life this Christmas!



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