Dressing for the Holidays with Pink Blush (bump or no bump)

December 11, 2017

I’m 14 weeks today! Yay for the second trimester!!!!!! In celebration of this momentous occasion, I thought I’d share some of my newest maternity items. I know it’s a little soon to be pulling out the stretchy clothes and gathered seams considering I haven’t gained any weight and my clothes still fit just fine. BUT I CAN’T HELP IT! I want a bump so bad that I’m already dressing it, even though it doesn’t quite exist yet. It’s totally okay though, because I found a company that specialized in maternity clothes but ALSO has non maternity items as well. Say hello to my new best friend, Pink Blush!

Keith and I haven’t gotten to the stage in our life where our friends are hosting fancy Christmas parties (our friends are still like, ‘PJ PARTY!’ and I’m totally cool with it)! We typically dress pretty casual for our Christmas events and typically only get dressed up for Christmas Sunday. So today, I though I’d share three different ways to dress your bump (or lack there of) for all of your holiday events.


Let’s Stay Home

For those cozy intimate gatherings with close family and friends when you want to be just and comfy as you are cute, this tie front top is a MUST. It comes in both maternity and non maternity and to say I’m obsessed is the understatement of the year! I LOVE THIS TOP! I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s so comfortable and the tie front gives it a little style. Plus it comes in 3 colors!


Shop This Look:

Maternity Tie Front Top  |  Non Maternity Tie Front Top


Let’s Go Out

We do attend a couple of Christmas parties every year including our family get togethers. They’re pretty casual but I still like to look nice. this fringe off the shoulder sweater is just enough to add a little pizazz to any holiday getup. I would also love to pair this with some leather leggings and heels. That would dress it up a bit if you need to get a little fancier! This one also come in non maternity and maternity!


Shop This Look: 

Maternity Fringe Sweater  |  Non Maternity Fringe Sweater



Lets get Fancy

This look is perfect for Christmas Sunday or your fancier Holiday party if you still want to stay cozy and comfortable. If you’re preggo, this is a MUST! This asymmetrical hemmed terry dress is PERFECTION. It doesn’t come in non maternity (but I’ve linked a non maternity option that’s similar) and to be honest it was still a little big on me. I may or may not have clipped it back for this photo. There was a little too much room at the belly. But if you already have a growing bump, then you’re going to love this dress. I cannot wait to fill it out and wear it around. I paired it with this heavy oversized cardigan and my nude pumps to make it feel wintery and dressy. Plus it comes in 5 colors!


Shop This Look: 

Maternity Asymmetrical Terry Dress  |  Similar Non Maternity Dress



Okay. This is not a different outfit, but I had to share! Kelsey (my sister) is obsessed with my bump and checks me every time we see each other. Let’s be clear. I do NOT have a bump. Sometimes I’m bloated enough to appear to have a bump, but don’t let it fool you. It’s just the Taco Bell I had for lunch. I shot these looks a week ago, so I definitely didn’t have a bump then. But Kelsey (who attends all of my shoots to tell me when I look stupid) insisted that I suck in a bunch of air, lean backwards, and stick out my bloat for the world to see. ‘Omg. You look pregnant now!’ – Kelsey. ‘THANKS.’ – Me while holding my breath!

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