How to Dress like a (practical) Princess in Disney World

March 23, 2017

Even though I’ve been officially home from Disney for almost a week, I still haven’t finished unpacking or editing photos! I shared a couple of photos on my Instagram, but I’ve been saving most of them for the blog! In case you’re wondering, we had the BEST TIME! Of course, I would expect nothing less from the happiest place on earth. I know I gave you guys a ton of packing tips (like practical items you need for your park bag) in the post I wrote on How to Pack for Disney, but I wanted to share exactly what I wore while we were in the parks!

I happen to LOVE Mickey Ears and all things Disney, so if you’re boring and hate wearing cliche t-shirts, this one might not be for you (come on, lighten up). You can pretty much get away with wearing WHATEVER you want in the parks (we’ve seen it all, folks) but here is my guide to dressing like a super cute, super fun, practical Disney Princess on your trip to WDW!

*I’m only sharing 3 of my 4 looks because it rained on our day in Hollywood Studios so BOOOO to no pictures*


This outfit was super fun and also super appropriate for our day in Epcot! If you haven’t traveled the world in WDW, you’re really missing out. After this trip, I’m 90% sure that Epcot is my favorite WDW park! I fell in LOVE with this #snackgoals tee the moment I saw it. Since one of my very favorite things to do in Disney is eat (DUH) and Epcot is my favorite place to do that, I felt this tee would be PERFECT for me. Traveling around the World Showcase and eating/drinking everything in site is pretty much the only way to go. I actually made this shirt with a Silhouette Machine and a T-Shirt press, but you can totally buy a similar one on Etsy. I’ll also link the Tee I’m wearing and the Silhouette template.

I like to be super comfy in the parks, so making this tee a little oversized was a no-brainer. The biggest no-brainer ever…? NORTS! That’s nike shorts for those of you who didn’t attend college between 2010 & now. You do a TON of walking throughout the parks (I think we hit 30,000 steps on our Epcot day) so making sure to wear comfy shorts/pants and tennis shoes is a must. I’m not sure how people survive Disney in flip flops!

Lets talk about these ears. I got more compliments on these ears than I’ve probably ever gotten in my life. Everyone was stopping to ask where I got them. They are the pretties things I’ve ever seen. And they’re made even better than the ears you can buy in the Disney Parks, I promise. I compared them and the craftsmanship on these pretties is AMAZING. You can thank my new friend Yolanda from Sweet Candy Magic on Etsy for these. She makes all of her ears to order and they are so pretty. She has a ton of different colors and styles to choose from. I saw a pair of these iridescent white ones wandering around the parks while I was there and I’m swooning over her new Velvet Ears! You have GOT to check this girl out. These are easily the most beautiful ears I have ever worn!


Magic Kingdom

Quick little background on why I chose this look for Magic Kingdom Day. My mom has very strict rules when it comes to our Disney Vacations. They include: 1. You will be happy and have fun even when your not happy or having fun. Just change your attitude 2. Lines are a part of the magic. You will wait in lines with grace and positivity. 3. When in doubt, wear RED because that is the color that she associates with Mickey Mouse.

We take mom’s rules very seriously, even when she’s not there. When I was contemplating what color Norts to wear with this top, Mom very quickly reminded me of rule #3 and so here we are! So I, of course, made matching ears! My ears on Magic Kingdom Day and Animal Kingdom Day are actually the same pair of ears but with different accessories. I glued a bunch of red flowers to a strip of fabric and then I put some snaps on the headband and the fabric to hold it in place. for the next day, I unsnapped the flowers and snapped on a leopard print bow! Genius… I know! We bought these super cheap ears on Amazon and decorated them ourselves rather than pay to have them made.

This shirt was my favorite shirt on the trip because it accurately portrayed what I was thinking! Magic Kingdom is the epitome of all things Disney and also, Main Street, USA may be my very favorite place on earth. For me, walking in through the train station to then see the castle at the end of the road is like a breath of very magical fresh air! This shirt is compliments of another of my new favorite Etsy shops, The Fickle Fox. She has tons of cute Disney tees as well as the cutest tees for everyday in your life!

PS: I snagged these Nike Presto’s at the nike outlet in Orlando and I’m seriously in LOVE!!!! Plus they come in a TON of awesome colors! I’m LOVING the cream, and the light blue!


Animal  Kingdom

I was originally supposed to be sporting some more sweet norts with this look, but y’all, it got COLD! I know it looks warm and sunny in these pics but the wind was seriously chilling! So I brought the leggings out to play for Animal Kingdom Day. They still gave me the same basic look that I was going for. This shirt is another goody that I made! See my post on how to make this super adorable (and easy) leopard print Mickey shirt. 

I know, I know. I’m that cliche girl who wears animal prints in Animal Kingdom. But if I wore that in Magic Kingdom, everyone would be like, “Look at that noob wearing animal print outside of the Animal Kingdom.’ I do NOT want to be THAT girl! So I completely dive headfirst into the cliche! Plus I got TONS of compliments. I even got a shoutout from my Kilimanjaro Safari driver, Corey! Shoutout to you, Corey!

Also, I wanted to tell you guys about my kick BUTT magic band skin. Thanks so much to ShopEmilyG on Etsy for designing a skin JUST for me! I went with a while and gold marble look and it is seriously the coolest. In addition to being adorable, it also matched ALL of my outfits. Emily can design any magic band skin that you want as well as personalize it with your name or initials! We all had one and they were seriously the cutest!  We also wore these awesome Disney themed bracelets everyday! Too cute! Thanks to KKandWhimsy for these pretty little accessories that really made our outfits!


So all in all, my message when dressing in WDW is stay comfy guys! If you’re anything like us, we go from dawn until… well almost dawn. You don’t want to be walking around pulling your pants up or your shirts down and tending to your blisters while on a trip is the WORST! I’m working on getting a WDW trip planning guide up in the next week or so with all of my favorite spots in Disney, what you can’t miss, and the tricks of Disney Planning! Stay Tuned, you guys!

What is your can’t live without it Disney item?

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