Spring Cleaning with Mrs. Meyers

March 28, 2017

I’m sharing #MrsMeyers in my life as part of a Mrs. Meyer’s sponsored series for Socialstars™

Spring is definitely here, you guys! The warmer weather here in Central MS confirms it. I’ve packed away my sweaters and pulled my shorts and sandals out to play. What is it about the coming of Spring that just makes you want to rethink everything in your home and start completely fresh? For most of us, a good ‘spring cleaning’ will help make that feeling go away. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day to bring you a BETTER way to get you and your home Spring ready. I’ve been hearing lots of buzz about these products lately and I’m so glad to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on them.

I’ve been using the Mrs. Meyer’s products around my house for several weeks now, and I am so excited to share my joy with you guys. The freshness that these products have provided in my home are unmatched. Currently, we are using the Peony scented Hand Soap and the Lilac scented Dish Soap (among lots of other products that I can’t wait to share with you in the future) and I am so impressed with the quality of the product.

The Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Lilac Dish Soap is rich, thick and makes grease disappear like nobody’s business. This concentrated lemon dish soap formula for hand-washing dishes includes Soap Bark Extract, another ingredient from the garden that is thought to be one of nature’s best degreasers. Rinses clean. It comes in 10 different scents and all you need is a squirt or two of liquid dish soap and you’re on your way.

The Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Peony Hand Soap contains aloe vera gel, olive oil and a unique blend of essential oils to create a hard-working, non-drying, yet softening cleaner for busy hands. My hands have seriously never had it so good. Plus, if you’re not into Peony, it comes in 14 different scents (Basil has also been a winner around my house)!

The best part about either of these is easily the scent. I love to keep fresh flowers in my home but even the scent of the freshest of flowers doesn’t compare to the amazing aroma of these products. Just using the peony hand soap or washing my dishes with the lilac dish soap fills my kitchen and bathroom with the most amazing light, fresh scent of flowers. I seriously cannot say enough about the smell of these products. It will have you sniffing the air around you all day long! Several of my girlfriends who have come over to visit have been just walking through and smelling all the different products. Nothing beats the Lilac and Peony for Spring, though!

I love that the products are made with essential oils. I really feel like my hands are getting spa treatment when I use Mrs. Meyers products as opposed to drying out with other household products. They are made without artificial colors, ammonia, chlorine bleach, and other nasty chemicals and Collins and Sully (my pups) are glad to hearthey are NEVER tested on animals of any kind!

If you’re looking for a way to keep your home clean and smelling fresh but you’re tired of those typical household cleaning products. Then Mrs. Meyer’s is definitely for you! It’s a great choice for you and for your home. I would totally recommend trying out these amazing floral scents when you’re getting your home ready for Spring. This is seriously good stuff!

Have you tried Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Products? Which Scent is your favorite?

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