Finding the Perfect Jean Shorts & Dealing with Body Insecurities

June 19, 2017

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having an awesome summer so far. If you keep up with the blog and follow me over on instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of blue jean shorts. I’m a curvy gal with a big butt and a small waist (in proportion). Not to mention, I’m only 5′ 2″. Finding a pair of shorts that fit me everywhere has been the biggest struggle ever. For the last couple years, I’ve just survived without a pair of jean shorts! The search is over, though! I found my jean short soulmate in these Topshop boyfriend shorts.

Photography by Kylie Stinson


These high waisted shorts are the BEST! They aren’t too tight around my thighs and they’re the perfect length for my short frame. I don’t like them too short, but if they’re too long, I look dumpy! I put a small cuff in them because I just like cuffed shorts. Confession: I took them to a seamstress to have them taken in at the waist because I CAN’T (like seriously) find any shorts that fit snug on my waist. I always have the gap in the back of my waistband. I realized that I may never find some that don’t do that. So, I took matters into my own (aka my seamstress’s) hands. These shorts are comfy and they make me feel super cute, which is definitely a plus. Especially on the days when I’m not feeling so cute.

There is nothing like shopping during the summer, when hemlines are shorter and there is less fabric involved, to make you feel super insecure. While I’ve never considered myself overweight or ‘fat’ I’ve always been in between. In between diets, in between feeling terrible and feeling great, and in between sizes. The logical part of me knows that I wasn’t made to be a size 2. All of the diets and all of the exercise will never make me look like a swimsuit model. But the vain, insecure, worldly side of me still looks at my fellow bloggers and my favorite celebrities and wishes I looked that good in a pair of skinny jeans.

Being a blogger looks fantastic from the outside. You get to wear cute clothes and be photographed in them all the time. But the reality is that you get photographed all the time… on your fat days, when your hair isn’t pretty, and when you have a huge pimple on your chin. When I look back at my own photos (no matter how fantastic of a job Kylie does shooting them) I see ALL of my own imperfections. And while I can edit out a stray pimple or two, I can’t completely change my body with photoshop. Even if I could, I don’t think I (or anyone) should.

For the past couple of photoshoots I’ve been feeling like every extra pound I’ve been carrying lately have been on display for the whole world to see. I’ve been challenging myself to post even my least favorite or unflattering photo on the blog for you all. The more I see it on my website, the more I realize that I look great. I look healthy and happy. And those are the things that matter the most. THAT is the girl I want all of you to see in my photos here on the blog. Not someone who edits herself to perfection or sets an unattainable goal. I’m not rich, I don’t have a rock hard swimsuit ready body, and I don’t have my life 100% together all the time. But I do have friends and family who love me, a super hot husband who tells me how beautiful I am everyday, and a God who reminds me that I am MORE than what I see in the mirror.

I’ve always struggled with insecurities when it comes to my body but I’ve been trying lately to remember that God made me the way that I am for a reason. Maybe that reason is to use this platform (Kassy On Design) to encourage other to love themselves, to love people, and most of all to love God and to all of that love to consume you.  Wear the clothes you love and feel good in. Grab your bestie and go have an impromptu photoshoot and post your photos for the world to see. Be proud of who God made you to be. Be tasteful, and be healthy, but be who YOU are and stop comparing yourself to those around you. You are MORE!

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This was just as much a pep talk for me as it is for all of you. I’d love to hear about all of your body positive stories and experiences in the comments below!


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