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April 18, 2017

Hi friends! I’m so excited to give you all an update on what’s been going on in my life. The biggest change lately has been that I’ve started a new job! YAY ME! For those of you avid blog readers (all 5 of you!), you’ve probably notices a lull in my blog posting. That’s because I’ve been getting settled working with Havenly as one of their new designers. If you’ve never heard of Havenly, then you’re in luck. I’m going to tell you all about it and how you can hire ME to design your home no matter where you live!

This is going to be an awesome tool for all of my friends and family who’ve always said they wanted me to help them with their interiors. Now you can actually hire me for a FLAT FEE! If you know anything about hiring an interior design, this is a HUGE perk of working with Havenly. Keep Reading for more info on the process and a special code to get you $$ off your first full room design.

Let me tell you a little about Havenly and how it works.  Havenly is an online Interior Design service that lets you redesign your home one room at a time. You work with REAL designers (like me) to create a space that you love within your set budget. Your designer is totally at your beck and call and will work with you until you get your design just right. They’re also professionals, so they’ll be able to tell you when your ideas aren’t exactly going to work in your space. Then they’ll point you in the right direction to what will work. Here is how the process works.

Step 1. Sign up and take your style quiz. This quiz is going to ask you a TON of questions that will help the designers to narrow down your style. You may thing your classic farmhouse, but you might actually be more of a classic contemporary. Havenly has created this quiz to ask you questions that challenge you to really think about your space and how you want it to make you feel.

Step 2. Choose your designer. That’s right, you get to CHOOSE your designer. Like for instance, if you wanted to work with me, you can find me on the Havenly Designers page (here is a link to my direct profile) and find out when my next opening is. But even if you don’t want to work with me, you’ll have access to tons of designer profiles and portfolios to choose the designer that you think best fits your design aesthetic.

Step 3. Complete your Room Profile. After selecting your design, you be asked to start sharing about your space and the plans/dreams you have for it. You’ll include a simple drawn floor plan, photos, and specifics about which furniture you’re keeping and what new pieces you would like your designer to choose. Then you’ll put in your budget and you’ll answer a series of questions about your space to better help the designer get a good idea of what you’re hoping your space will look and feel like. You’ll be asked to include inspiration images and even a link to your Pinterest board if you have one. The more detailed you can be, the better!

Step 4. The Design Process. From here, your designer will contact you and you will begin your design process starting with some idea boards. The designer will create a few mood boards for you to review so that the two of you can proceed in the right direct for your room. Then you will move on to the concept phase where the designer will put all of the items that you’ve requested and they’ve chosen for you on a concept board so that you can see the whole look together. This stage is where you can rate specific pieces of furniture or accessories as like or dislike.

After you and your designer have created a concept that you both love, you’ll move on to the layout phase. The layout phase is where your designer creates a 3D rendering of your space with all of the new design elements. This is the phase where you can really see your design come together and visualize it in your space.

Step 5. Ordering. Lastly, you’ll have access to a shopping list that your designer has created for you with all of your products in one place as well as lots of alternative options in case you change your mind. Probably the best part about working with Havenly is that you can order ALL of your items at once, even if they are from 14 different stores. And you get access to trade only items which typically have to be ordered through an industry professional. You’ll have access to your shopping list as long as you need it and your Havenly Designer will be available if you need them to add products or find alternates.

Your designer will make commission on any items you purchase through Havenly and since this is how we make our $$, be a nice guy and order through Havenly. They will honor all sales and most coupons/discount codes.


Isn’t that the coolest thing ever? It’s all done online and on your time! Plus, how cool would it be to get to work with little ole me? The best part has got to be the price though. There are two different packages that  you can choose from.

Havenly Mini – This is a shorter design process, excluding the final layout and floorplan phase. You will get a concept and a concept revision. This is for smaller spaces (like offices or bathrooms) that you don’t need to see in 3D. Or this could be a space where you just need the finishing touches added. Maybe you already have a sofa and chair but you need some new tables, throw pillows, and accessories to really make the space feel stylish and complete.  This package is only $79!

Havenly Full – This is the best package if you ask me. You’re going to get more one on one time with your designer and a more comprehensive space planning layout and full design. This is the whole shebang and it’s only $199! Work with a professional designer and get an entire room makeover for just $199?!? That is so crazy good!

If you’re interested in trying out the Havenly Full Package, you can get $20 off with the code KASSYR!

By the way, signing up for an account is totally free and the you’ll have access to all of the info to get your started on designing your home!

So this is what I’ve been doing lately. And I’m LOVING IT! So far, I worked with clients from New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Texas, and more! And it’s so great to get to work with different people with totally different styles everyday! I’m sharing some of my recent designs below including concept boards and full layouts! Check them out!

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