Hoppy Easter with Zaful

April 11, 2017

I got bunnies on my shirt, but don’t call me a bunny shirt! Not really sure why Andy Milonakis was on my mind this morning, but he was and now I can’t stop using this phrase to describe everything in my life today. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m super sorry for being weird! If you know exactly what I’m talking about, I am equally sorry that you will probably be singing that all day.  I think that this look made me feel a little like a kid who’s mom dressed her for Easter, hence singing the childhood song. Plus, I got super cheesy and named this post ‘Hoppy Easter.’ Today has been a weird day!!!

ANNYYYWAYYYZZZ, I’m just melting over this perfect Easter/spring oxford shirt from Zaful. It makes me want to head to a resort for the weekend and eat Reese’s Chocolate Eggs (I’m addicted and I honestly believe Reese’s taste better in the shape of an egg or a christmas tree). Can you get any cuter than these tiny navy blue bunnies?? I think not!


Nothing gets me in the Easter mood like a hundred navy blue bunnies hopping around on my shirt! Be forewarned that on Zaful’s site, it calls this top a ‘dress’ but if you check the measurement, you can tell it is DEF not a dress… even on me and I’m a shorty! Other than that, it runs true to size. I’m wearing a medium and its perfectly oversized on me! Gosh, it’s just so darn cute! I’m 100% going to be wearing it this weekend! It would be so cute tied up with some high waisted shorts too!

These are my fail safe white demin shorts from Joe’s Jeans. Remember the ones that I turned pink and then bleached out again? Hallelujah! These are last years shorts but I’ll link a couple new white pair that I think are super similar. I just picked up these navy sandals from a Dee Keller sample sale so unfortunately they aren’t available online, but I’ll try to find some similar pairs for you guys!

This outfit has me soooo ready for this weekend with the fam. Two crawfish boils, Reese’s Eggs, and celebrating the death and resurrection of our Savior! It just really doesn’t get any better than that! What are your plans for this weekend? Be sure to eat a Reese’s for me!

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I’m dying to know what everyone’s fav Easter candy is! Comment Below!

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