How I’m Being Proactive About Aging Skin with Colleen Rothschild

September 29, 2017

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I’m only 25 and (thank goodness) my skin is still healthy and for the most part, wrinkle free. But sooner than I think, I’ll be waking up 10 years from now with skin that’s been through more life. While I know that wrinkles are part of who you are and show where you’ve been, I certainly would like my future skin to healthy no matter what. That’s why, at 25 years old, I’ve decided to start a full skin care routine with anti-aging benefits! And who better to turn to than the queen of skincare herself, Colleen Rothschild. I’ve been using this routine for several weeks now and am so excited to share my experience with you guys so that you can get a head start on skin care as well.

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One of the first items I picked up with the Colleen Rothschild Discovery Collection. It is a 7 piece kit that comes with smaller sized products that you can try out and ‘discover’! This is a great place to start if you’re not sure of what products you want or need. Plus it comes in a gorgeous travel bag and with a muslin cleaning cloth! Here are the items included and what I thought of each.

Radiant Cleansing Balm – This is one of my favorites and if I were to suggest you get one item, this would be it! It is what it says it is. It’s a cleanser. My skin feels SO clean and refreshed after use. It smells almost warm. Even Keith remarked on the smell after I used it one night. He LOVED it!!! I know it’s supposed to help restore your skins flexibility and I do feel like my skin felt much more energized after using this.

Dual Enzyme Polish – This is sort of like a mask. You apply it to damp skin and leave it on for 5-10 minutes. It is a FANTASTIC exfoliator! It removes those old dead skins cells and leaves you with bright radiant skin. I LOVED the after glow that this product give me.

Clarifying Detox Mask – Another FAVE of mine. I’m loving the activated charcoal in this product. Is it weird to also say I love wearing that dark gray mask. It’s kind of fun!!! This one really got down deep into my pores and there was a noticeable difference in those stubborn dirt magnet pores on my nose. I noticed that they shrunk down and didn’t have any dirt and grime in them. WIN!

Sheer Renewal Cream –  This is sort of the moisturizer of the bunch. It’s weightless, smells delicious and is SUPER hydrating! Plus, it doesn’t dry oily like some moisturizers. That is a HUGE one for me! I love the hydrating boost that the Sheer Renewal Cream provides!

Extreme Recovery Cream – After a long day, my skin tends to feel dull and super dehydrated. This is the stuff that gives you a HUGE moisture boost on those dry days. It’s also fighting fine lines and wrinkes as it hydrates your skin. Hydrated skin is Healthy skin!

Face Oil No. 9 – All I can think when I type this is Love Potion No. 9! Maybe they’re related? But seriously, adding oils to my face was something I really had to come to terms with. My head just says don’t add the stuff you’re trying to avoid. But Colleen Rothschild has me convinced now! The vitamins and precious oils in this serum are going to nourish your skin and enhance it. I expected to have a super oily feeling when I put this on, but it soaked in pretty quickly and just left my skin with that dewy glow we’re all trying to get!

In addition to the Discovery Collection, I also picked up a couple full size products that I was dying to try.

Salicylic Treatment Complex – This product is a problem solver. I have hormonal breakouts and my pores are SO annoying. I grabbed this product to try and tackle those pesky issues. It has ingredients that help prevent breakouts and reduce large pores. I like to use it in conjunction with the Detox mask. It’s the perfect acne fighting combo! The instruction say to use it twice  a day unless you experience dryness. I did! So I reduced to using it once a day or every other day and it’s been great!

Age Renewal Super Serum – My favorite product by far! Super Hero Status. I’ve been using this stuff like it’s going out of style. Its a serum that is made to fight size signs of aging: texture, dehydration, elasticity, fine lines, radiance, and tone. It’s packed with all kinds of awesome stuff like collagen boosters, amino acids, and and vitamins to restore your skin to it’s youthful glow, or to keep it! Plus it’s a nice boost of hydration as well!

Beauty Water – I’ve been obsessed with spritzing my face with a fresh moisturizing spray throughout the day for a while now. And the CR Beauty Water is a WINNER! It smells yummy and gives my face a fresh feeling every time I use it. It can be used as a setting spray or just a refreshing hydrating mist as often as you’d like. Also, it leaves my make up with a dewy look. I love using it in conjuntion with a highlighter for a soft, dewy complexion!

If you order before 10/31/17, you can use the code ‘CRSKin20′ for 20% off your order!

Still unsure about which product to buy or if Colleen Rothschild is for you? Check out some of my favorite blogger  babes and their reviews of this Amazing skincare company! 


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