Rust, Embroidery and How I Update my Old Jeans

September 27, 2017

With Fashion month coming to a close, my head is spinning with all of the fabulous trends coming our way this season. Baker Boy Hats (coming soon), Baret’s, Menswear Plaid, Red suede, White Booties and more! And I’m obsessed with all of them. Two of my current favorites are that Rust-y Red Color for fall sweaters and EVERYTHING embroidery! When I laid my eyes on these adorable embroidered flats from Modcloth, I couldn’t push ‘add to cart’ fast enough. And they pair so well with the cozy rust sweater! I’m also sharing how I update my old jeans to make them more trendy for fall! HINT: You’ll need scissors.


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Photos by Kylie Stinson

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Since this outfit came in the mail, I’ve worn these flats 18202380957 times (ok, like 4 times)! Every time I wear them I get tons of compliments and a shower of questions. They have easily become a standout piece in my fall wardrobe. So far, I’ve worn them with this sweater, the white long sleeved sweater tee from this post, chambray, and a white shirt dress (coming soon)! They immediately elevate any outfit with little difficulty. Plus they’re flats which makes them comfy for EVERYDAY.

I’m in love with the color ‘rust’ for this fall.

SIDEBAR: I keep wanted to call it ‘Rusty Red’ but my dad’s name is Rusty and somehow it feels weird. My dad lives in worn out jeans, cowboy boots, work shirts, so I doubt he deserves to have a color named after him. But he is the coolest dad on the planet, so maybe he does???? I’m gunna go with it. 

Red was ALL over the runways for Spring 18 at NYFW. So look out for lots of red for spring, but this rusty color is the perfect variation for fall. It’s somewhere between red and burnt orange and right where I like it! This sweater is the coziest ever. I love cowl necks. They’re like a laid back turtle neck and I kind of love that I don’t have to think about my necklaces when I wear them! This material is super cozy but it isn’t too tight of a knit so you get a little breathing room in there.

-How to Update Old Jeans-

These jeans are my tried and true 3 year old Old Navy Rockstars. I used to cuff them. And the holes used to be smaller. But they’re worn in perfectly. I’ve been loving the asymmetrical raw hem lately and knew that I wanted a pair of distressed black jeans with a raw hem. Then I remembered these babies and knew they’d be perfect for a little makeover!

If you already have a pair of jeans whose hem you love, use those as a guide. If not, Put the jeans on and roll up the hem until they’re right were you like them in the front. Pin them and take them off. Grab a sharp pair of scissor and cut 1.5 inches lower than where you hemmed. Then in the front of the jean between the two seams, cut them right where you hemmed them (1.5 inches higher than the last cut). Don’t taper the cut. It’s just a straight line up and then across. Wash your jeans and BAM! Perfect Asymmetrical Raw Hem! And just in time for bootie season!

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    Love this whole look, Kass! And I’ve been taking my scissors to all my rockstars lately!

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